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Dear Old Dad – UTV sell broadband to 79 Year Old

My Dad is 79.  Like most of our Dads in this age bracket he knows less than nothing about the Internet.  He of course knows of its existence and thinks its a ‘wonderful thing’.  That is the sum total of his knowledge.

In July of this year a salesman sold him wireless broadband.

My Dad doesn’t even have a PC.  Never has in fact.  Can’t turn one on on.  Get the picture?  The salesman at the door told him his call bill would be reduced if he went with UTV and the broadband package.

His typical call bill is in the €3-5 mark.  The sales guy caught him on a bad month as my brothers who spend the odd weekend with him had hammered his bill  driving it up to something astronomical like €30.

So he signed up.

He shouldn’t have.  The salesman shouldn’t have sold it to him  Perhaps both were at fault. I am biased I think the salesman was completely at fault.

Dear Old Dad (DOD for short from now on) thought that my visiting brothers would use it the odd weekend they were down.  But as there wasn’t a Heineken tap attached to the router that was not a priority on weekends for them.

The router arrived and sat in the box.  DOD thought as long as he didn’t plug it in he wouldn’t be charged.

I did plug it in.  Actually used it a few times.  But when I visit I don’t visit to surf the net.  I visit to chat with him and watch sports on his big comfy chairs.  And the lack of aforementioned Heineken taps meant the brothers stepped over it.

It lay idle.

He unplugged it and put it back in the box again thinking if not plugged in he wouldn’t get charged.  He got his bill and wasn’t happy.  He wanted out out of it.  DOD is no fool he knew he had been done.

In early October I rang UTV and explained what had happened above to the agent.  He was really understanding and agreed that it was unacceptable for a 79 year old to have been sold the package and said Customer Care would be in touch.

Customer care did call me back a few days later and were equally contrite and said he would be refunded and would stop being billed for Internet.


Nothing happened.

In the interim DOD had a stroke.  I wont bore you with the details but he came out of it pretty well.  But since then things like these bother him and frustrate him that bit more.  I don’t need a stroke for that to happen it bothered me from day one.  He called to me with a new bill that still had the offending charge for broadband.

I rang UTV again 3 weeks ago and told the m the chain of events. The customer care person again was suitably contrite and were in total agreement that this was not an acceptable state of affairs.  She promised a call back and proper closure to this and mentioned a refund.

Nobody called. 

Now the issue here isn’t the bill.  Luckily DOD has a good pension and the actual number on the bill isn’t the complaint.  He is pretty tuned in and at 79 would buy and sell most of us.

He is my pal. 

We go for pints together,  troop down to Musgrave Park to watch rugby matches and a week doesn’t  go by were I don’t dump the work for the day in Grange Web and go for a long lunch with perhaps a few pints thrown in.  We chat for hours.  Up to a few years ago we would head off to soccer internationals in the Aviva and down to Thomond for Munster games. We don’t do that as much now.

He shouldn’t have been sold this and he should have gotten quick closure. Dont mess with my pal.

Why the Post?

I can understand how a salesman on targets doing commission based sales near the end of his sales cycle was under pressure to make a sale and pushed this package to DOD.  To be honest that is life.   I don’t like it but understand.  That didn’t annoy me.

But UTV are a big company and should have  corrected this quickly.  It isn’t their fault but they can correct it with the click of a button.  DOD won’t even care if he gets his money back (it would be nice though) he just wants that line that says broadband off his bill.

I write this blog post hoping it gets some online juice.  I don’t want to be calling UTV again.  Press button 2.  Blah blah blah.  They have a record of both conversations on their system.  They are ignoring it.   I don’t want DOD calling them as he wont have a clue what they are saying to him and he will get frustrated.  He is too old for that.

I hope that you can share this Tweet it or Facebook it.  Tell your friends.

Help Dear Old Dad get this sorted.