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Tick Tock – Your Time

Tick Tock – Your Time

I was lucky enough to get two calls yesterday in a traditionally quiet week for me.  Both calls ended up with a chat where we discussed them coming to my office.  Those who read the posts here know I rarely if ever go out to meet prospects.

My calendar for this week is empty bar 2 calls with US clients.  In the past I would have said just that but instead I suggested 2 times later in the week.  I also use Calendly for booking my calendar but these guys were not really technically literate and this approach can scare them off.


Its all about looking needy.   I don’t care if you are living off of Cheerios in January but you need to project a solid responsible company persona all the time, even if the  company is a total of one.  I don’t mean a suit and tie and pocket protector but a real business.  I try and project (as it is true) that I have an excellent if not expert knowledge of website development, design, and Internet marketing.

I used to jump on every lead like an enthusiastic puppy, now I am more structured, constantly working on implementing a process (one that I like not one that a quality manager would salivate over like aforementioned puppy) and that works for me.

This especially applies to how you protect your time and calendar.

When you say come any time it translates into – “I need work (of course you do usually) come quick and save me”.  Avoid this even if the Cheerios have run out.

Suggesting times on your calendar puts you in control.  You are the expert after all.  If you call the doctor they don’t say just drop in,  they suggest some times and you pick one.

So for 2017 make your calendar your friend and never ever again say “I am madly impossibly free, what time suits you?”

Happy New Year