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The New Org Chart

The New Org Chart

There was a time when if you wanted to expand you hired a sales person and put them on commission or salary.  He blended in nicely with the receptionist, the accountant and the HR manager (puke).  Everything was sweet.

No longer.

There is a new gun in town.

It is the Internet Marketing Manager. It might be a full time person or it might even be you doing the leg work.

It is no longer “that Internet thing” it is the business channel that can generate a significant part of your revenue. Making the optimal use of it is critical.

Now I don’t like using the word critical too often it is loaded with fear and anger but in this case it is.

I assume the same was said many years ago when people moved from horse and cart to mechanised transport. There were people who felt the reliability and the predictability of the horse and cart wouldn’t be surpassed. Similarly with the typewriter to the PC.

The only word of caution is setting your expectations. Not a day goes by when I hear of a business that is making a fortune online alone. I treat the numbers with suspicion but not the core business concept in most cases.

Yes you can make money purely from an on line presence and most definitely from a bricks and mortar business combined with said online presence.

Why haven’t you started? Thinking of the horses perhaps?