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Social Share Buttons – Huh

Social Share Buttons – Huh

There is a pandemic of social share buttons out there these days.  The natural inclination with a new website is to add them.

The thought process is that you will get social shares when people read your posts along with tons of comments.

The reality is that for a medium traffic site this rarely happens and the buttons sit there with the number 0 sitting next to them

Don’t  get me wrong social verification is great but you need to put in a bit of legwork first to get even close to single digit shares on the web.  you need to be writing world class – yes WORLD – content really and have a pretty big social following (think 5 digits plus on the main babies).

On top of that (ouch get off) you need to be creating this type of content regularly.

Think about it.  You see a kick ass post go look at it browse, get distracted and forget it.  Think its great but the kettle boiled.

The following week another one comes.  OK you aren’t dumb you get the picture.

Its similar to the email drip feed.  You like the emails and at some stage you may sign up for the service due to the amazing quality of the email.  But email drip feeds can often take 10-15 emails to get any engagement.   I don’t  have a number for web pages that amaze but I would hazard a guess in the teens as well.

To get that quality you need to be an amazing writer,  great graphic designer and a social media expert.  Not too many of them around I must say.  Put your hand down you aren’t.

What reasonable logical people do is they get those three skills together OK you may have one or perhaps two) and create a content plan. Then they get a publishing plan and get busy pushing the content out there

Even if you have the three skills you won’t have the energy to reach those numbers.  I would love to be proven wrong and of course like anything there are (rare) exceptions.

The other route is to kick ass in one area specifically and go weak on the others.  The dial drifts even higher then on how successful you are going to be on that front a LOT.  But again it can be done.  If you can answer these questions then you are good to go.

  • Can you create 2-3 posts in your niche 7 days a week for 60 days?
  • Can you create a smart visual that hits the hearts and minds of your network twice a day for 60 days?
  • Can you build your social following on 3-4 networks by 20% every day for 60 days?

ouch you cry.  Yeah it hurts but success hurts.  The Tesla car doestn come easy online – it takes sweat.