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SEO in A Nutshell

SEO in A Nutshell

I was at a meeting yesterday where someone opposite me started to explain SEO to the CEO of the company I was meeting.  Now I know about SEO and learn something new and exciting every day.  I would  say that after many years of reading about it and using it every other day I know a lot with lots more to learn.

It was clear from the minute this person opened her mouth she knew nothing about it.  She blathered on about keywords (and nothing else) for about 3-4 minutes and visibly ran out of steam and tapered off ending with a serious yet hopeful look that said “will that do?”.

It doesn’t do.  The CEO had started checking his email on his phone by the time she finished.

If I asked you to explain how you do your job I wouldn’t expect you to do it in 3 minutes no matter how long the elevator trip was.  But don’t  attempt to explain something that you don’t  have a solid understanding about to people who believe what you are telling them.

The keywords equal SEO train left the station years ago. Sure keywords help but don’t  equate it uniquely to SEO.

Don’t put things into Nutshells when you have no idea what a nut is please.