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Saving Seconds

Saving Seconds

“Work Smart – Not Hard”

I remember nearly 25 years ago working in the US in one of my first jobs I worked a full day editing some raw data to create a long structured report.  After about 4-5 hours work one of my colleagues came to me saw the report and asked if I had used the Perl scrip to create it.  I looked at him with despair in my eyes.

There’s a Perl script to do this?

There was and running it created the same result in about 5 seconds.  The task in question was something that in the following year (using the script) I did countless times often several times a day.

Since then I have become addicted to trying to do mundane tasks quicker. Whenever I have a repeatable task I immediately ask myself if I can do it quicker or automate it in some way.

The mistake you might make is thinking  that repetitive is equal to mundane and unimportant – it usually isn’t.  I have tons of little automated tasks that make my life so much easier.

Here is one that I put in place just this week.

Closing Out

When I am finished with a customer one of the things that I usually request a Google review.

It is good for local search and all reviews are great (if great).  It used to be a bit of a pain explaining to a non technical person how to go to Google Maps, find the link, post the review and then post it.  Most people used to come back to me for repeated explanations.

So I more often than not didn’t bother.

Then I discovered this article that shows how to create a fast link to your Google review.  It is perfect, pops up a screen for the person to enter the review and is nearly idiot proof.  As a result of this I had 100% success in getting new reviews in last couple of weeks (3 to be exact).  Before this I wasn’t as diligent but now I have a Texexpander snippet so when I type


It expands to below in my email it even tabs to the send to save me clicking send and the job is done. I blurred out the link as I don’t need you to give me a review (yet!)


I have a similar Textexpander for a follow about a week later just in case they didn’t get to it.

Is this an amazing world shattering process improvement?

Maybe not but it saves me time and delivers value.  That ticks all the boxes for me.