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People Per Hour and Me

People Per Hour and Me

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I joined PeoplePerHour some time ago. I have used contractors myself on Upwork for many years (and can share how I get the get the best people there some other day) but I wanted to see if I could use PeoplePerHour to get some more work on board and to fill any gaps I have in my workload.

I use my own contracted team and myself to do these jobs.

I think the approach here would apply to any contracting website (like Upwork and Freelancer) really but is here how I approached it on PPH.  I plan to try it also on Freelancer and Guru but need to free up some bandwidth and automate even more to get jobs there.


My goal using PPH is to make money.  I am quite happy to make $50 on a job that I quote $100 on.  To explain (referring contractors).  I have a very established contracting team who all nearly work for me full time with the flexibility to do other work.  So if I win a job for $100 that I haven’t the time to do I give it one of my guys (or gal) and they do it for $50 and I make the balance.    If I can do it alone for $100 then great too.  See details further down.

Sounds mercenary but it isn’t.  I do the project management of the client, work really fast get it done, next.  I don’t develop an emotional attachment to the task.  PeoplePerHour is all about tasks.  I quote fast, with a clear timeline and deliver as fast as I quote.


First PPH is a marketplace where people post jobs and get proposals. There are hundreds of people monitoring the job listings all the time. Here is what typically happens in this marketplace and others.

  • Someone posts a job (however detailed or not)
  • There is literally a landslide of applications
  • A proposal is picked – possibly the lowest price but that isn’t  always the case.


When I first looked at jobs I couldn’t figure out how a job posted had 15+ applications in under 5 minutes. But the reason for this is that people with high profiles 5 Star ratings (which I do now) and top CERT (a PPH term) get the first crack at jobs so when it becomes visible to the main site many of these people have already applied. This isn’t always the case but it can be.


My initial approach was to create a profile (of course) and dip in now and then. This really didn’t work as people as I mentioned monitor jobs all the time and jump in really quickly so you have to monitor pretty real time or be prepared to just use it occasionally and be disappointed.

After being pissed off at missing jobs I now have a Chrome plugin the refreshes the jobs page so I see new jobs quickly so I can then apply quickly.  I keep this open on a separate desktop on my Mac and arrow to it and check it regularly.

My filter also is never to quote on what I would call large complex jobs.  I don’t want scope creep, unclear requirements that will suck up days.  I read, filter or apply.  90% of the jobs I am doing are WordPress quick fixes, some landing pages.  Where people want Amazon for $200 I move right along.

A lot of the proposals submitted are cookie cutter template responses. I have developed using Textexpander (which I yap on about all the time) some expanded responses that I use to reply quickly and add a personal touch to talk about the specific project each time. This makes a massive difference to winning a project as it shows you actually read the brief (many don’t and just slap in a template answer).

Putting a natural answer makes you stand out from template responses all day long.


If you want to make thousands from one project here then you are really in the wrong place as often the brief is not clear and you have to pitch and hope. As well as that you have to be prepared to make less money. But you do make money once you are solid with the scope.  Again the fact that I have a team that I can delegate some of these tasks does help.  But I am happy to make 20% profit on 10 jobs all day long while working on proper web project through my mainstream business.

However, if you do get offered a job and the scope is off the charts (which has happened to me) you can reject it or send a revised pricing both of which work.

It all boils down to speed and authenticity.


I also as part of my investigations spoke with a person who sells on PPH exclusively and now has 7 people on her team doing social. She gave me some good tips but the biggest wins happened when you get in the 5-star area or Top Cert which means you get early views of jobs and because of this ranking get more jobs anyway. I am in that space now and get those chance more and more.

UPDATE 06-Dec: I got offered a job by PeoplePErHour Creative team this week which is amazing for a landing page!


It’s really up to you as it takes time and effort and also of you course pay to send proposals (a few bucks). For me, I often do 4-5 jobs for $50-$100 over a period of 2 weeks for WordPress CSS fixes and such like which don’t take me too long and it is nice cash. You may sniff your nose at that but $500 to me is money all day long.

I, of course, plenty of other projects on the go but with the above automation and controlling the scope it is now a nice part of my weekly earnings and really doesn’t take too much time for me.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash