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Make it a Win Win!

Make it a Win Win!

One of the first self improvement books I bought back in the early 1990s was “The 7 Habits of Successful People” (affiliate link!).  I still have it.  It is bruised and battered now and well underlined and thumbed.  It sits on my bedside locker all the time.  In the picture above you can also see I have two other of his books.  Not as battered.  The 7 habits is a classic.

One of the many great points he makes is about  Win/Win.  The phrase Win/Win is now like a pandemic in management speak and this book is potentially the source of it.

When you create content and share think of this.  Make it a Win for the person reading it.  Now it needn’t be a Life Changing fist pumping roar of happiness Win (although that would be nice).  Just make it like Gary Vaynerchuck said in his recent book “Jab Jab, Jab, Right Hook”.

A little jab a little item that makes them feel better, touched, engaged.

Oh yes its bloody hard but if it was easy we would do it every day like eating chocolate.

I put two affiliate links in here but the purpose of this site isn’t to pimp out Affiliate links.  Affiliate links generate pennies for me but it does help to get the link to the books.

Oh and I would put a picture of Gary Veee’s  book but I am in ebook land now and it just doesn’t cut the mustard to have a sad visual does it?