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Free 24 Hours

Free 24 Hours

My teenage kids were away this weekend and my wife also pulled three night shifts  which sucked but today I had a Me day.  Here is what I did.

Woke at 7.30 and ate breakfast of my usual oatmeal / porridge with berries.  Squeezed some orange juice.

Wife fell in the door and crawled  up to bed.

Drove to a my favourite running sport spot and ran a 10K (6 mile) loop with our dog in tow.  He was thrilled I woke up gradually as the day warmed up.

In past few months at the start of the run there is a nice coffee stand where I stopped and had coffee and read my Spanish grammar book (one of my goals is to polish this part of my Spanish skills).

Spent a pleasant hour there in sun reading and sipping.  The coffee stand owner who I know now from regular post run stops gave me some newspapers which to read to when I bored of the subjunctive.

I then  bought some tuna steaks for dinner (breakfast for wife) and a new pair of running shorts as the two pairs I have are shot.

I have a 14 month goal for another marathon in 2015 which means they will gets lots of use.

I then called to DOD – Dear Old Dad for lunch (I brought my own as I am on a crazed health kick at the moment) and we again sat on his patio in the sun and chatted for a an hour.  He is 82 and we are best buds.

Got home did some housework (ugh) and marinated the tuna steaks in orange juice, garlic, oregano, soy sauce and pepper.  Sat outside and read a novel on iPad.

Wife woke we ate dinner outside and caught up on news her shift (massively busy and stressful in her unit).

Wife went to work. Brought doggie for a short 30 minute walk

Opened a big bottle of sparkling water, fired up a movie on Macbook Pro and PGA golf on TV with baseball on iPad (yes really).

How many hours left…