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Comments – Don’t  Look at Me Like That!

Comments – Don’t Look at Me Like That!

Don’t look at me with those droopy eyes when you don’t  get a comment on your blog.

Comments are great for the ego. Woot a comment – run around room giving high fives to everyone.

Invariably they don’t come.  

If you don’t  turn on your comment spam plugin you will get thousands.

That’s about it usually.

Of course the exceptions are popular blogs .

Even then the comments are from people who are more often than not (wrongly) trying to build links.  Links on comments are usually no-follow (this means they don’t pass authority).

Lots of well known bloggers have just turned off comments. I mean do you read comments on blogs?

Well perhaps the first 1-2 if you eyes do drift down there.

You should be thrilled if someone reads the first paragraph these days with our short attention spans.

I usually only comment on a blog when I really think the article is amazing and relevant .  I read tons of blogs and that doesn’t happen too often.

Even worse the process of making a comment is like giving blood with all the steps to validate you are a human so often I just give up.

This blog doesn’t have comments enabled.  Follow me on Twitter if you like my posts.  Its easier and I do say Hi (sometimes).  And its easier than giving blood.