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I like to talk and am happy to talk with you or your business about website design, Internet marketing plans and how to promote your business online.

Just call me and we can chat.  If you want to chat in my office for an hour we can meet and I will give you a rich action plan that will help you and deliver benefits if you follow it.

I also mentor businesses who are just starting off and can talk to you about this service as well.  I rarely leave my office to meet prospects.  I abandoned a high paying corporate gig so I could set these rules for myself.  I am an expert in the Internet no more no less and I can help you.

If you don’t want to call that is fine we can do a call/Skype or something else.  I won’t visit to see your plant/garage/yoga studio/corporate office.  Why? Its just my decision.  In 1994 I was in the top 3 for my  airlines AirMiles programs.  That means I lived on a plane and knew jet lag intimately.  Now I work from a super cool office with clients internationally.

So I stay close to home with my family and Toby the dog.  It is my ultimate dream come true.  I jump out of bed most mornings at 7AM grab coffee and breakfast and race to work in my home office.  I adore what I do.

If this sounds like I am non-communicative strange person that isn’t the case.  I just don’t do the schmooze anymore.

I deliver. Fast, well and way better than the schmoozers.