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I blog here about the Internet, the challenges of running a small yet now International Web and SEO business and the challenges that come every single day and how I overcome them or at least try.

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People Per Hour and Me

People Per Hour and Me

I joined PeoplePerHour about 4-5 months ago. I have used contractors myself on Upwork for many years (and can share how I get the get the best people there some other day) but I wanted to see if I could use PeoplePerHour to get some more work on board and to fill any gaps I have in my workload. I use the team and myself to do these jobs so...

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How To Grow Without Actually Growing

I emailed 200 website companies recently.  I won’t bore you with the statistics of their responses but of the responses 3-4 told me they were too busy to take on work at this time. I find this hard to comprehend.  I understand why.  They have well paying, time consuming projects that are keeping them busy and don’t want to take on any more. But don’t they want to make more money?  If making more money doesn’t...

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Comments – Don’t  Look at Me Like That!

Comments – Don’t Look at Me Like That!

Don’t look at me with those droopy eyes when you don’t  get a comment on your blog. Comments are great for the ego. Woot a comment – run around room giving high fives to everyone. Invariably they don’t come.   If you don’t  turn on your comment spam plugin you will get thousands. That’s about it usually. Of course the exceptions are popular blogs . Even then the comments are from people...