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I help clients worldwide with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Website Design.  If you are looking for one of the leading experts in these 3 areas then I would love to talk with you.

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Money, Freelancing and Hourlies

I like money.  I don’t  care about lots of it which is lucky as I don’t  make tons of it.  I make a living and when asked by people who work in salaried positions how is work going I honestly answer like this. Not too bad.  Some months are great, some are OK and some are awful.  Thank goodness the awful months are way less than when I started out But boy I...

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The New Org Chart

The New Org Chart

There was a time when if you wanted to expand you hired a sales person and put them on commission or salary.  He blended in nicely with the receptionist, the accountant and the HR manager (puke).  Everything was sweet. No longer. There is a new gun in town. It is the Internet Marketing Manager. It might be a full time person or it might even be you doing the...

Internet of Things

Comments – Don’t  Look at Me Like That!

Comments – Don’t Look at Me Like That!

Don’t look at me with those droopy eyes when you don’t  get a comment on your blog. Comments are great for the ego. Woot a comment – run around room giving high fives to everyone. Invariably they don’t come.   If you don’t  turn on your comment spam plugin you will get thousands. That’s about it usually. Of course the exceptions are popular blogs . Even then the comments are from people...